About Joanne Mizell

Joanne Mizell is a health insurance industry executive, spending 31 years assisting national corporate employers design, fund and deliver benefits to their global employees. She is currently chief operating officer for Banner|Aetna, an Arizona-based insurance company, jointly owned by Banner Health and Aetna/CVS.

Raised on the beaches of Orange County, California, Joanne attended Cal State Fullerton while working full-time to support herself.  She is a devout Christian who enjoys the beach, sailing, skiing, hiking, reading and working towards becoming the person that God designed her to be.  Joanne’s primary residence is in Scottsdale, where she lives with her husband, Gary, and their precious cat, Stella.

Joanne’s love of animals, and disbelief that humans could cause them pain or suffering, drives her advocacy work to see the reduction of animal cruelty.  She has enjoyed and been enriched by serving on Humane Lobby Day committees, lobbying in Washington DC, and testifying before the Arizona legislature on behalf of policies to benefit companion and farm animals.