About Odessa Gunn

Northern CA Director California

Odessa is the Co-Founder and spokesperson for Odessa’s Essential Health for Pets, a pet supplement and wellness company.  She was born and raised on Cape Breton Island in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Odessa is a former Pro Cyclist and lifelong animal advocate. She discovered bike racing while living in Ottawa after graduating from St Francis Xavier University with a BA. She trained on the National Development Team in Calgary then moved to the US and raced on a World Cup Pro team ( Timex Cannondale) in her second season. After retiring prematurely because of a back injury from a crash, she moved to Spain to support her husband’s career which included 10 Tours De France.

The animal abuse, abandonment and neglect in Spain was immense. Odessa rescued countless animals off the streets; shipping them to shelters in Barcelona and Belgium while setting up a small trap-neuter-release program in the Medieval city of Girona.

After returning to the US, Odessa joined the board for the Forget Me Not Farm, a therapy farm for At-Risk-Youth and rescued farm animals. During her 11 years as the VP of the board, she started (along with former husband) a large cycling event which has raised over three million dollars for the kids and animals.

Odessa also helped write position statements for the Sonoma Humane Society Board of Directors. Despite instigating and winning a public battle with the local animal shelter because of unsafe and inhumane conditions for the animals, she still managed to win the spirit award of Sonoma County. She’s a fervent believer in the power of community.

While working on a docu-series to showcase outstanding rescues around the World, her focus shifted to the dog and cat meat trade in Asia and other parts of the globe. Odessa has flown to retrieve dogs many times and has two Chinese meat trade rescues at home (along with other dogs from Mexico, Spain, and the US.) In addition to her own ten dogs, she has fostered hundreds of dogs, cats, farm animals and wildlife.

Odessa lives in Santa Rosa with ten dogs, two cats, four goats, four chickens and one pig.