Kangaroos Are Not Shoes Campaign

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Tell Nike to stop using kangaroos for making their soccer shoes! CLICK HERE

We are working to stop the commercial killing, with the approval of the state and federal governments in Australia, of more than two million wild kangaroos annually, mainly to manufacture soccer cleats. When the night shooters slay adult females, the joeys are collateral damage.

As prescribed by law, the shooters smash the skulls of the joeys or decapitate them.  (There are more joeys killed than baby harp and hooded seals at the height of the slaughter in Atlantic Canada.) Nike, Adidas, Puma and other companies sell some 64 models of kangaroo skin soccer shoes, creating the demand that drives the commercial killing of these iconic marsupials.

Tellingly, these companies use plant-based and synthetic knit, mesh and even fake “k-leather” fabrics in their most popular lines of soccer shoes.