Crackdown on Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty is the first step taken by many eventual mass-murderers. Prosecuting perpetrators early will protect animals AND people. Support the Animal Cruelty Enforcement (ACE) Act to create an animal cruelty crimes section at DOJ.

Update FDA testing mandates to save lives

Ending FDA’s animal testing with the FDA Modernization Act of 2021 will eliminate the requirement that all new drugs go through extensive rounds of animal testing.

No big cats in basements or backyards​​

Prohibit the private ownership of big cats or public contact with cat cubs with the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

End mink farming in America

Factory farming of mink props up a cruel, dying industry that poses a serious COVID-19 threat. Tell your legislators to pass the MINKS Are Superspreaders Act.

Stop the shipment of cockfighting birds

Cockfighting is one of the biggest underground animal-use industries in the U.S.,with fighting birds raised on an agricultural scale.

Stop the slaughter of kangaroos

For the first time in a generation, the Kangaroo Protection Act was introduced in Congress to address the mass slaughter of kangaroos for athletic shoes and other garments.

No place for poison in wildlife management​​

End the needless incidental lead poisoning of millions of wild animals by ammunition with the Lead Act.

End the use of extreme confinement crates

Ban the use of gestation crates which severely restrict the movement of breeding pigs with the PIGS Act.

Stop government funding of animal abuse

Help control USDA’s runaway Commodity Check Programs — which support policies that are harmful to both animal protection and family farmers with the OFF Act.

Restore Our American mustangs

The ROAM Act would save 130,000 horses from being rounded up and added to the already 50,000 horses being held by Bureau of Land Management.

Showing — not soring — horses

End the torturous practice of “soring” show horses with the PAST Act. In July 2019, the House passed the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act in a landslide.

In the stable, not on the table​

Support a ban on the transportation of horses for slaughter with the SAFE Act.

Stop bear poaching

End the poaching of bears for their gallbladders and other body parts with the Bear Protection Act.

End the slaughter of sharks for their fins

Save sharks from being butchered for their fins with the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act.

Save the greyhounds

Put an end to thousands of injuries and deaths at racetracks with the Greyhound Protection Act.

Don't let primates be treated as pets

Stop the captive trade for primates — with the Captive Primate Safety Act.

Keep wildlife in the wild, not on the walls​

We shouldn't allow the import of U.S.-listed threatened or endangered species into the States.

Enforce wildlife conservation laws

Create tougher federal laws against poachers and traffickers with the Wildlife and Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act.

This is no way to treat a dog​​

Save dogs suffering in puppy mills by elevating USDA standards standards for breeders that govern the humane care, treatment and transportation of dogs.

Help us finish off Class B Dealers

Ensure our dogs and cats aren’t stolen for use in experiments with the Pet Safety and Protection Act.

Help us crackdown on puppy mills

100,000 mother dogs suffer in puppy mills where they are forced to spend their entire lives in barren cages and are after they can no longer birth litters.

Help save animals in disasters

Ensure that research facilities, dealers, handlers, exhibitors and carriers take care of their animals in an emergency with the PREPARED Act.