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One of our most powerful tools of advocacy is the ability to show legislators that organizations like yours support the bills we are working to pass.

It lets them know the legislation is important and has met with the approval of other experts on the various reforms we have proposed and champion.

Endorsing legislation that will improve the lives of animals — and often, of people, too — is easy. Simply click on the link for the topic to which you wish to lend your organization’s endorsement. You’ll read more about the legislation and have the ability to provide the basic details we will use to demonstrate your endorsement to lawmakers and other officials.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Ahwesh, director of grassroots advocacy, at:

The Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act

The Animal Cruelty Enforcement (ACE) Act, H.R.1016, is a common-sense bill that animal advocates, domestic violence workers, law enforcement, and the average U.S. citizen can agree is the right policy for the United States. In the effort to help enact the legislation into federal law, humane organizations and law enforcement agencies across the nation are endorsing the bill. Please add your agency/organization's support.

The MINKS are Superspreader Act

The MINKS Are Superspreaders Act, H.R. 4310, would ban mink farming in the United States. Mink farms are inhumane, with these wild, solitary, territorial animals kept in small, barren cages that create such stressful and unnatural conditions that the animals exhibit high levels of aggression, including cannibalism.

The Bear Poaching Elimination Act

The Bear Poaching Elimination Act, S. 3472, would put an end to the wasteful and inhumane practice of poaching American bears for their gall bladders and their bile. By stopping the trade in their parts, this will help conserve bear populations in North America and throughout the world.

The Pigs in Gestation Stalls Act

The Pigs in Gestation Stalls (PIGS Act of 2022), H.R. 7004, would eliminate the use of gestation stalls for pigs in the United States, sparing countless thousands of animals from extreme confinement, pain and disease.

The Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act

The Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act, H.R. 4291/S. 2861, establishes restrictions and requirements for checkoff programs and prohibits boards established to carry out a checkoff program or a USDA order issued under a checkoff program from entering into a contract or agreement to carry out program activities with a party that engages in activities to influence any government policy or action that relates to agriculture.

The Kangaroo Protection Act

The Kangaroo Protection Act, H.R. 917, would establish new federal crimes related to commercial activities involving kangaroo products. Specifically, the bill would prohibit importing kangaroos for commercial purposes and using kangaroo products during interstate commerce.

The Lead Endangers Animals Daily Act

The LEAD Act, H.R. 405/S. 4157, would stop the use of lead ammunition on federal wildlife refuges. Lead rounds and fragments of them are often consumed by other animals who feast on carrion remnants, poisoning them and the animals who may in turn eat them. Lead toxicity is markedly on the rise.