Breaking the Dairy Industry Monopoly in the Public Schools
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Nike and Puma Announce the End of Their Roles As Market Financiers of Kangaroo Slaughter
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Animal Wellness Podcast: The Criminal and Viral Infectivity of Cockfighting
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Landmark Investigation Throws Back the Curtain on Ruthless Trafficking and Slaughter of American Horses to Canada and Mexico
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New Report Reveals Urgent Zoonotic Disease Threats from Cockfighting to Avian Wellness and Agriculture
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kangaroos are not shoes

Dunking the Milk Mandate in Schools

In the stable, not the table

Nike Says It Will End Sales of Kangaroo-Based Shoes

ADD SOY Act Introduced in House, Would End Milk Mandate in Public Schools

Landmark Field Investigation of Horse Slaughter in North America

Helping animals helps us all.

We work to prevent cruelty to animals and we promote enacting and enforcing good public policies. We see a time when animal cruelty is no longer common or accepted.

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One of Marty Irby’s greatest passions is improving the lives of horses–Tennessee Walkers, Thoroughbreds, wild horses and others. He and Wayne Pacelle, president of the non-profits, update several campaigns being waged on the behalf of America’s equines.

What’s Up with Horses?

Adidas and New Balance will change its way if consumers revolt over this wildlife-killing policy. Together we will convince these remaining companies that forgoing kangaroo skin is the only sporting decision.
Barbaric and desensitizing – these staged battles force dogs and roosters to fight to the death as spectators gamble on the bloodletting. They are closely entangled with illegal gambling, money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and human-on-human violence.

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Kangaroos Are Not Shoes​

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In the Stable, Not on the Table

Dunking the Milk Mandate in Schools

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Tourism Without Trophy Hunting

Oklahomans: Urgent action needed!​

Your opposition to efforts to weaken state cockfighting laws will be sent to state lawmakers.