The Illegal, Unworkable and Wasteful Use of Primates in Testing and Research
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Bears, “Milked” and Killed for the Bile, Are One of the Least-Known Victims of COVID-19 Pandemic
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High Court Rebuffs Pork-Industry Barons, Upholds State Farm Animal Protection Laws
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Dogfighting and Cockfighting: A Double Dose of Murder and Mayhem, Cruelty and Contagion
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Breaking the Dairy Industry Monopoly in the Public Schools
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prop 12

End Cockfighting

Dunking the Milk Mandate in Schools

Supreme Court Upholds California’s Prop 12, Protects Rights of States to Set Humane Treatment, Food Safety Rules

House Lawmakers Introduce FIGHT Act to Crack Down on Rampant and Illegal Dogfighting and Cockfighting Throughout the U.S.

ADD SOY Act Introduced in House, Would End Milk Mandate in Public Schools

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The issue is discussed by Wayne Pacelle, who was key in developing Prop 12, its predecessors in the state, and similar ballot initiatives across the country, and Kate Shultz Barton, AWA's senior attorney, who, along with colleague Scott Edwards, submitted amicus briefs to the Court, making legal arguments, some of which were adopted by the Court in the winning opinion.

Prop 12 and the Supreme Court: How Pigs Won the Day

After the National Pork Producers Council and others convinced the Supreme Court to hear their challenge to California’s Proposition 12, the Supreme Court dealt the ultimate lethal blow to their arguments and Prop 12 stands.

Barbaric and desensitizing – these staged battles force dogs and roosters to fight to the death as spectators gamble on the bloodletting. They are closely entangled with illegal gambling, money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and human-on-human violence.
Adidas and New Balance will change its way if consumers revolt over this wildlife-killing policy. Together we will convince these remaining companies that forgoing kangaroo skin is the only sporting decision.

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