Queen Elizabeth II: A Century in Love with Horses
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Big Apple streets are for people, not horses
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While Heartwarming and Important, Beagle Rescue Will Result in 4,000 Other Beagles Sacrificed in Experiments Unless It’s Paired with FDA Modernization Act
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Ryder: We Found Him at Clover Hill Farm, and it’s no sanctuary
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Pork Industry Thumbs Its Nose at American Consumers and Corporations in Asking Supreme Court to Nullify Measures Promoting Humane Treatment
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To prevent cruelty to animals, we promote enacting and enforcing good public policies. We see a time when animal cruelty is no longer common or accepted.

Helping animals helps us all.

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Approved with more than 62% of the vote in 2018, Prop 12 stipulates that any California farmer raising breeding sows, laying hens, and veal calves must provide minimum space to the animals. 

The FDA still requires the use of animals in their testing that not only tortures and kills animals, but are also unreliable predictors of human response.


Let New York City leaders know you’re on board to help save horses from the cruelties of carriage duty in traffic-choked streets.

We throw the curtain back on the mass slaughter of more than 2 million kangaroos a year — and sign our petition to tell Nike to stop the slaughter.


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Please tell your legislators to cosponsor the Modernization Act!

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We’re working to urge the FDA to modernize their outmoded and unreliable animal testing requirements.