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Read The Humane Economy by our founder Wayne Pacelle for a practical roadmap on how you can use the marketplace to promote the welfare of all living creatures.

Take action on our Contact Congress  And don’t forget to sign our petitions here.

You can easily make your voice heard by letting your local, state and national lawmakers know you want them to introduce new animal welfare bills and vote for existing ones. 


Influence Lawmakers


Vote with Your Conscience​

Vote in your local, state and national elections for candidates who support animal welfare policies and programs.

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Be Social


Donate for Change​​
Donate to candidates and law makers who support better animal welfare laws. Support organizations like Animal Wellness Action that move forward public policy surrounding animals. ​By donating to AWA, you will be supporting our work influencing legislation that shapes animal welfare laws and regulation.

Seek opportunities to campaign and support legislators, law enforcement personnel, judges, and other candidates for public office who support animal welfare policies. Volunteering at their campaign offices, door-knocking, and phone banking are easy and productive ways to help. First, find out which of your lawmakers are supportive of animal welfare policies here.


Campaign for Compassion


Show Appreciation for Legislative Leaders

Spread the news about legislation and legislative leaders. Write letters to the editor, post information on social media about key legislative items. Remember to thank lawmakers who carry animal protection legislation and help lead on our issues. You can find your lawmakers’ voting score here.

Further the dialogue surrounding animal welfare issues with friends and families. Make sure the people that care are getting the latest information by sharing our feeds.


Educate Others​


Encourage Law Enforcement Agencies to Crack Down on Cruelty

Speak out with any information you have about the inhumane treatment of captive, farmed or companion animals, wildlife trafficking or environmental crimes by calling The Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice at 202-514-2701. 

And send tips about the cruel spectacle of illegal animal fighting here: animalcrueltytips@animalwellnessaction.org

Eat more plant-based foods, reduce food waste, minimize packaging waste, buy cruelty free products, and live your life as if every choice matters.  When we live this way, we create a healthier planet and build a more humane economy.
Here are some cookbooks that will help you get started:


Eat and Act with Conscience and Purpose​