Animals have always been at the center of the human experience, and never more so than now.  Pets live in our homes, wild animals inhabit our communities, and animals are used in a wide variety of major industries, from food and agriculture to science and testing to a variety of forms of entertainment.

Long-standing forms of animal exploitation are falling out of favor, and that process has been accelerated by innovations that allow us to eat well, conduct rigorous science, and solve human-wildlife conflicts without sacrificing the quality of our lives or compromising the workings of business or government.

Animal Wellness Action believes in enshrining humane treatment standards in the law to shield animals from cruelty and to accelerate the shift toward business and government practices that are respectful toward animals.  With meaningful government and private standards that provide a framework for animal care and human conduct, businesses can thrive and prosper, generating wealth and meeting the needs of people without sacrificing the well-being of animals in the process.

In every recent Congress, lawmakers of both parties introduced a wide range of bills to improve the lives of animals.  There are also some worthy policy concepts that have not yet taken the form of legislation.  We’ve identified a set of issues below and explain them in brief and ask that you indicate whether you generally support the legislation. We realize that there may be amendments to current bills or pertinent information that comes to light that would require additional examination of these issues. 

Animal Wellness Action (AWA) is a Washington, D.C.-based 501(c)(4) organization with a mission to champion the enactment and enforcement of legal standards forbidding cruelty to companion animals, farm animals, and all other animals at risk so that we can prevent abuse before it happens. To enact good laws, we must elect good lawmakers, and that’s why we remind voters which candidates care about our issues and which ones don’t. We believe helping animals helps us all.