Listen Up! Animal Wellness Action Launches Animal Wellness Podcast

Today, we’re giving a new voice to The Animal Wellness Podcast, in fact, a chorus of actual human voices. The Policy Animal, which consists of essays on key policy and political questions relating to animals, now adds a talk show feature to the brand — in this case, a podcast. Whether you’re taking an afternoon drive, on the way to work, exercising, or perhaps the best way, out walking the dog, you’ll be able to listen to The Animal Wellness podcast, hosted by Joe Grove in Louisville, Kentucky with Animal Wellness Action founder Wayne Pacelle and executive director Marty Irby. The Animal Wellness podcast is a weekly 30-minute segment that not only delivers timely information, but offers insights and analysis you won’t hear anywhere else. We’ll offer in-depth treatments of local, state, or federal policy and elections and the effects of laws and regulations on corporation. On the podcast, you’ll also hear from political leaders — including Representatives, Senators, agency officials — and understand how the process works from their end. We hope you’ll listen to Episode 1: 2019 Victories for Animals, subscribe and spread the word to others who understand the importance of political work for animals.

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